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Administrator Application Format & Requirements.

on Wed Mar 28, 2018 10:11 pm
Admin application:

Interested in becoming a staff member? If so, then well & good! But before going any further kindly have a look at the requirements and format given below.


* Age must be 10 + (i.e. 11 and plus) *
* Your score must be around 750 *
* Your playing hours must be at least 7 hours *
* Your minimum playing hours per day should be at least 2 *
* You must have  been registered for half a week *
* You must have sufficient knowledge about English language *
* You must be active, mature, helpful, sociable as well as friendly *
* You must have a clear ban record/history of 3.5 days *


* Your in-game name:
* Your country of origin:
* Your timezone:
* How old are you?:
* Rate your English grammar and speaking skills on a scale of 1-10:
* Rate your administrative skills on a scale of 1-5:
* Why do you want to become an administrator?:
* Why should we choose you as a staff member of our community?:
* Have you been an administrator in any other server before?:
* How much time can you invest on our server per day?:
* Are you okay with the fact that if you'll not remain active after
**getting hired as a staff member, we'll kick you without any
**notification? (yes/no, also give reasons for your answer):
* Picture of your in-game stats:
* Additional note (optional - can skip this question):

NOTE: If your application gets denied, you can reapply after half a week.
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