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COD - FW (Future Warfare) Community Rules.

on Thu Mar 29, 2018 3:49 pm

COD FW (Future Warfare): General Forum and Server Rules for Everyone

- FW Management has the right to make exceptions or change rules whenever required.
- Seen a mistake or have a suggestion? Feel free to message the Staff Managers or Global Moderators/Owners.
- Make sure you check the rules once every month for any change in the rules (An annoucement will be made on the forum every time the rules are updated!)

1.00 - In-Game Rules.

1.01 Appropriate Language; Don't use offensive or degrading words in the chat, even if it's your friend or it was a "joke", you have to respect everyone on the server - It doesn't matter who the person is or what he/she did, use /report [id] reason if someone insulted/disrespected/abused you, but don't insult back in retaliation.

1.02 Multiple Accounts; Do not create multiple accounts, stick to only one account. You can request for a name change by posting an application on the forum, multiple accounts will result in the others being locked at the appropriate administrators discretion.

1.03 Don't instigate arguments; Refrain from provoking anyone in the attempt of receiving a negative response. Avoid talking or ask questions about a religion or political viewpoints which tend to only cause arguments among other players.

1.04 No Impersonating; Don't login with any registered account(s) IF the account is not yours. Do not create accounts that have a name similar to someone else.

1.05 Car Park Killing / Helicopter Blade Killing; The following are not tolerated and accepted in-game. Warnings will be issued and jailing can be forced at the discretion of the administrator (Accidents are of course not the fault of the driver, and treated leniently)

1.06 Team Car Jacking; Do not jack your teammates vehicle, if your car was jacked by a teammate don't retaliate rather report the player or report them appropriately on the forum - if necessary alert the rule-breaking player accordingly and within reason.

1.07 Team Attacking; Do not attack your teammates and/or shoot their vehicles, even if you were attacked by them. Use /report in these instances for a resolution.

1.08 Base Raping; Avoid attacking any base other than your own with a Hunter, Hydra, Seasparrow or a Rhino (Bot enforces Automatically). This is counted as "Base Rape", since these vehicles are too overpowered (making it unfair for those being attacked) to be used to attack an enemy base.

1.09 No Advertisement; Do not advertise any unnecessary website links and/or server IP (Doesn't matter what game it is, it'll still be counted as advertisement).

1.10 No Hacks/Cheats; Do not use any third party mods (cleo hacks/asi plugins for example) which enhances your games physics from that to the original. Exceptions can be made, contact any high ranking administrator if unsure of a modification being allowed or not.

1.11 Illegal Modifications; Do not edit anything that will cause your game to be overpowered/advantaging such as editing the animation velocities, using cam hacks, replacing dff models or adjustment to the existing collision files. These are the most common, but not limited to forbidden mods.

1.12 No asking for FREE Score, Money or Administration positions; If you lost money/score/stats of whatever description, apply on the forum to get it set back - given that you have proof. The only way that administrator ranks will be given is through a successful application, therefore it is best to apply.

1.13 No 18+ Content is to be posted or shared; Do not share Videos/Pictures (links or by other form) In game or on the forum, such as Porn websites links, Sex videos and alike. Punishment will vary, and is not treated lightly.

1.14 Always Respect Players; Do not disrespect anyone in the server, including admins and Very Important Persons.

1.15 No Command and keypress trollers; command/keypress jokes will not be tolerated, punishment will vary case to case at the administrators discretion.

1.16 Do NOT Alert Hackers/Cheaters; Seen any hacker/cheater? Use /report [ID] [Reason] to report them to administrators. Avoid saying "Hacker" in game, also do not say "Aimbot" just because someone killed you. Always use a proper reason and not just "hacker" for most efficient action against a report.

1.17 No Chat Spamming; Don't spam the chat by repeating messages with ctrl + v & enter or key binders.

1.18 No Chat Flooding; Don't flood the chat by repeating the same words in one line, for example "Noooooooooooooooooooooo", "No No No No No No".

1.19 Ask Proper Questions; Don't spam or abuse /helpme with useless questions, they will only be ignored. If you choose to continually abuse the command, current staff have the authority to take action against you, be it a kick or warning.

1.20 Download Links; If you want to share any download links with anyone, private message the user on the forums to do so, NOT IN GAME. The file(s) should NOT Include any kind of THIRD PARTY MODIFICATIONS deemed illegal as illustrated here.

1.21 Account Password; DO NOT share your account's password with anyone, no matter who it is - even administrators. Keep your password only to yourself. When creating one, make it not so obvious to guess. Use /changepass to change your current password.

1.22 No Donation Links; Sharing any kind of donation and/or referral links is against the rules, In-Game and On-Forum. Any FW donation perks is easily available to the user, if unsure feel free to contact the appropriate administrator for information.

1.23 No Bug Abusing; Seen any bug? DO NOT Abuse it, simply report it on forum and it'll be fixed as soon as possible.

1.24 Hospital Pickups; DO NOT Abuse the Health & Armour in the Hospital Capture Point by refilling health during combat.

1.25 Duels; Avoid abusing the duel command on any player, IF the requested player ignores YOUR Duel DO NOT resend the duel unless the requested says so. Use /noduel to prevent duel invites from appearing.

1.26 No Score Farming; Abusing commands such as /repair and /cure without giving at least 2/3 minutes between each use is counted as "Score Farming" as it's incrementally increasing your score through using a command too quickly. Do NOT setup scenarios where you and another player(s) take turns in killing each other in the result of achieving higher statistics, this will be treating as score farming.

1.27 Do Not create trouble in Events; If you cause any problems to any running events for the purpose of ruining it you will be punished depending on the case and the administrator.

1.28 No Provoking; Don't instigate anyone on the server, and for any case - just to get a negative response.

1.29 Do NOT go AFK to avoid death; Avoid going Away from Keyboard during fights.

1.30 Do NOT go AFK while capturing zones; or while at the base's spawn point(s), be aware of where you choose to go afk, kicking players can be the result of doing so.

1.31 No Bot Messages;These include simple question/answer type messages posted in the chat, directed at no particular player rather an audience. They are not needed since this information is already made available to the user in-chat.

1.32 No Spawn-Killing; Avoid killing anyone in Anti Spawn Protection Protection (Bot punishes automatically).

1.33 Use of the [FW] Tag; Only Administrators/moderators can use this tag, if you join with it and you're not an administrator the bot will kick you automatically. Using tags such as [7W] (o being replaces with a zero), or any other impersonation of the existing tag, also is not accepted. Kicking will be done at discretion.

1.34 Use a proper Nickname; Please choose an appropriate nickname, don't use names such as "Fuck_You", "Motherfucker" or alike. Numeric names such as "123456789" are not recommended, and may be subject to a name change.

1.35 Don't ban evade; IF You were or believed to be BANNED wrongly you can apply for an appeal on our forum [], ban evading will only get your appeal denied at discretion of the administrator.

2.00 - Forum Rules.

2.01 Use Proper and appropriate titles for threads; Do NOT write or use misleading titles, make sure it is as relevant to the content as possible.

2.02 Don't Advertise; Advertising any server IP, website URL of any server is prohibited.

2.03 Post topics in there correct subcategories; DO NOT Post topics everywhere in the chance of it being viewed more, you should know where you're posting and if not, seek advice by someone who does. Topics in incorrect categories will be moved without notice to the most correct location.

2.04 Don't cause arguments; Refrain from provoking anyone in the attempt of receiving a negative response. Avoid talking or ask questions about a religion or political viewpoints which tend to only cause arguments among other users.

2.05 Appropriate Language; Don't use offensive or degrading words in the chat, even if its your friend or it was a "joke", you have to respect everyone on the forum. Do not retaliate, it can only result in a punishment to yourself as well.

2.06 No 18+ Contents; Do not share Videos/Pictures (links or by other form) In game or on the forum, such as Porn websites links, Sex videos and alike. Punishment will vary, and is not treated lightly.

2.07 No Donation Links; Sharing any kind of donation and/or referral links is against the rules, In-Game and On-Forum. Any Future Warfare donation perks is easily available to the user, if unsure feel free to contact the appropriate administrator for information.

2.08 Use the "Search" function; Use this feature for the most efficient resource navigation, in its main context to make sure a topic doesn't already exist before the creation of a duplicate subject.

2.09 Don't create Useless Posts; Don't create threads/post replies to topics with limited and informal information or having no correlation to the thread itself.

2.10 Main Language (English); Create Topics and reply to them with ENGLISH ONLY, other language are not tolerated on the forum.

2.11 Reputation; Do NOT Ask for reputation points in private, and don't create threads asking for reputation points.

2.12 Sharing Links; You are not able to post links in any thread from 14 days of your forum registration date. This is enforced automatically on the forum, and not by administrators.

2.13 Replying to threads; Refrain from splitting up replies into several segments, use the edit function on the initial reply in most instances to avoid overposting.

2.14 **Topic Bumping; Bumping is accepted to the point of a thread which has had no replies for at least one week, that is, from the last posted reply. Only do so where appropriate.

2.15 ***Only Ask for help in the "Help forum"; Posting in any other forum location will get the topic moved without notice, or deleted if its relevance is non existent to the topic entirely.

2.16 Do Not Create multiple accounts; Stick only to one account, multiple accounts will be banned without notice. If you have lost your account password contact an appropriate directly [in-game or on the forum]. This is the only instance where a new forum account can be created, and once your original account is accessible that is the only one to be used.

2.17 No Quote Replies; Don't just quote what was said by someone else without validating it with your own opinion, at a minimum saying agreed is accepted given that the opinion your quoting is what you truly believe is to be correct. If not, don't do it.
2.18 Don't change the initial point of a thread; If the topics original discussion is projected to change, create a new topic for it.

2.19 Signatures; Keep it simple, and most of all keep it original. A signature overcrowded with images and Gif's will result in the user being requested to change it, same goes for images incredibly large in size - use low resolution images. If failing to change the signature it will be corrected by force. Inappropriate signatures will also be dealt with the same way.

2.20 Don't Spam the forum; Refrain from overposting in categories with topics/replies that have no appropriate purpose.

3.00 Sections Rules.

3.01 General forums -

1. [FW] News : You may only reply to threads existing here (create topics is forbidden), also refrain from bumping old topics since this isn't the place to do so. Avoid Creating misleading discussions in threads, which include irrelevant replies.

2. [FW] Staff List : DO NOT create threads in this category, and DO NOT Reply to them.

3. [FW] Updates : DO NOT Bump old threads, only reply (if necessary) to the most recent update, avoid creating any kind of topics in this forum or reporting bugs. For reporting bugs, navigate to the Server Development category.

4. Discussion : Don't create useless topics, this is not an OFF Topic forum category, only post important and relevant topics which provoke corresponding discussion.

5. Donation : Generally, You're not allowed to reply to threads in this section. Only create a thread IF you have donated to the server already, whilst making sure you use the format illustrated.

3.02 Applications forums -

1. Admin Application : Do not create multiple threads, only stick to the first created. If needed edit the current thread. In case of more then one thread on the same topic, all will be closed or removed but the first one made.
If an application gets denied by the Management, the applicant wont be able to re-apply until a month is passed.

2. Name Change Application : Do not create multiple threads, only stick to the first created. You cannot create another thread unless the current one is closed, also you can only post a name change application after a month have passed from the previously changed [date from when the name was changed, not when the topic was created].

3. Inactive Application : You can only have ONE Inactive application running at once, when you're back reply accordingly for it to be locked by a staff member (staff members can close down their own inactive applications)

4. Lost Score Application : IF You wish to have any lost score refunded to your account you need to provide sufficient proof of he event that it has been lost, if you don't have any then don't attempt creating a topic, since we cant do anything about it. Use F8 to take images of your stats on a regular basis to prevent (in case of the future) your lost score application being denied.

3.03 Complains forum -

1. Complain Against Player : You must follow the format of reporting, you must provide a sufficient proof and avoid bumping your thread, for any reason.

2. Complain Against Staff Members : Of course you must follow the format and fill the fields correctly, you must provide a very sufficient evidence of the case to post or your thread will be ignored.

3. Unban Appeals : The following thread found here legislates this topic.

3.04 OFF-Topic forum -

1. Pictures & Videos :This is no place for 18+ restricted material (Pictures - Videos) links, etc. The pictures you place in this category should NOT be taken from other servers.

2. Gaming Stuff : Anything related to SAMP can be shared here such as modifications or ENB series, however any kind of advertisement is prohibited.
This is not the location to be sharing any hacks URL's - be it for information on its use or to download. Creating useless topics to increase your posts count is also forbidden here, and anywhere else on the forum.

3.05 Help section -

1. Help section : You can only ask for help IF you don't know how to do a particular task in-game or on the forum. Technical support is of course welcome here, however only restricted to your client and not outside of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas atmosphere. Help with scripting and mapping will not be given here, however tech support of how to use editors/basic scripting functions may be answered at discretion.

2. Tutorials : You cannot ask for help in this forum, you can ONLY post a step-based instruction thread (a tutorial) for the sole purpose of portraying information. Replying is accepted in this forum, be it for suggestions or for appreciation.

3.06 Server Development -

1. Suggestions : You can only suggest an idea that is currently non-existent in game, make sure you don't suggest an idea that was brought up before or your thread will be deleted at discretion of its relevance. If you believe an old thread of your in-mind topic is important, bump it, validating why you believe it is important.

2. Bug Reports : Make sure you report a bug only once, whilst providing a screenshot of it if you're able to for the fastest diagnostic. Making another topic of a bug that another player has already discovered serves no purpose if the previous bug topic is still valid and hasn't been closed already, bump it accordingly.

4.00 Shoutbox Rules.

4.01 No Advertisement; Do not advertise any server IP or server website redirection (URL) on the shout box.

4.02 No Spamming/Useless shouts; Do NOT spam the shout box and/or enter with useless shouts which is unneeded, these will be removed with punishment liable.

4.03 No 18+ restricted content; Avoid sharing any sex videos/pictures or other related content on the shoutbox, it will get you banned.

4.04 No Donation Links; Do NOT request money/ share referral links on the shoutbox.

4.05 Use it for its intended purpose; DO NOT Report hackers or spam unhelpful words/sentences such as "HACKER" on the shout box. The forum has its designated location to report hackers accordingly when no administrators, which is the correct way to deal with the situation.

5.00 Punishments -

5.01 IF You break any of the Server's In-Game rules you will be punished accordingly depending on how long you broke the rule(s) for and how many times. Administrators are responsible to punish you IF you break any of the server rules. IF you think the administrator abused DO NOT Provoke irresponsibly, rather file a complaint on the forum against the staff member.


Best regards,

[FW] Management,


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