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Complain format & rules.

on Thu Mar 29, 2018 5:02 pm

1) Don't report yourself, duh.
2) Don't report people for stupid reasons like for saying "fuck" or "wtf?".
3) Your complain's title shouldn't be like "Hacker" or "Cheater" or "Ban this guy" It should be like "Complain against [name of the person]".
4) Don't report a player again & again.
5) Don't argue with the administrators after your report gets denied unless you're 100 % sure that you're the one who is right.


* Your in-game name:
* Name of the person you're reporting:
* Reason for reporting that person:
* When did this take place?:
* Proof/Evidence:
* Explanation:

Additional note: You're not allowed to report the same person for about 5 days after your report gets denied.
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