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Making a clan - Requirements, Format & Rules.

on Thu Mar 29, 2018 10:52 pm

* You must've at least 1k score *
* You must've about 500k $ in-game money *
* You must be active, sociable, friendly and mature *
* You must be skilled (in terms of usage of various weapons) *
* You must've a clear ban record of a whole week *
* You must be registered for 1.5 weeks *
* You must've a k/d ratio of 2 or above *


1) Your application must be written by yourself (it mustn't be copied).
2) Your clan members including you should be disciplined .
3) Each and every single member of your clan should be playing fairly (without any usage of cheats).
4) You must always keep your clan's section up-to-date.

(!) Failure to abide by the rules mentioned above will get yourself in great trouble. Strict actions will be taken against those who don't abide by these rules and regulations.


Your in-game name:
Name of your clan:
Clan tag:
Clan leader:
Clan co-leader:
Clan allies/partners/friends & enemies:
Clan moto:
Picture of your in-game stats:
Have you read the rules carefully? If so then do you vow that you'll never, ever break any of them deliberately?:

- Good luck!
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